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Your Personal Best Record Bass Awaits You At Lake Fork

“We are here to help make your Lake Fork dreams come true.  Let us help you catch the big dream!”

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    Lake Fork’s Premier on-line virtual bass education.

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    Know your Lake Fork fish. Learn your Lake Fork structure.

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    Know your water. What % of the water is the fish in?

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    Share current successful techniques & photos of Lake Fork structure.

Think Big, Catch Big!

Pro Anglers Have Vision

“Who knew back when Lake Fork opened that it would turn out to be the jewel of Texas as far as bass fishing goes and maybe the world.  I’ll tell you who thought that.  David Kelly envisioned that the very day that Lake Fork opened at midnight.  And during the years he spent on Fork he absorbed everything about the lake he could.  He and I have spent years studying this lake and I’ve decided to open our records to you with the development of this site.  Everything I have available with regard to this lake will be brought to light here.  I believe that the people who win tournaments tend to be the ones that really know the lake.  Maybe you’re catching fish but maybe you’re just not catching the right fish.  All I am saying is that I have found  that the path to success is through knowledge, determination, and perseverance.  This site is dedicated to helping direct others to the path of bass fishing success on Lake Fork.”  Jimmy Martin

    February 26, 2018

    A continuing series that provides you with valuable fishing knowledge that you need to know about each area covered.

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  2. Martin’s Map Parts The Water! Moses Would Love This Map!
    January 12, 2018

    Know the lake like you started fishing Fork on opening day. Martin's map brings back the pictures that tell volumes.

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  3. Lake Fork Unplugged On Steroids!
    January 12, 2018

    What makes the difference between catching a big fish and winning a tournament? Just like real estate...Location, Location, Location!

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  4. High Quality Precise Fishing Maps
    August 1, 2016

    This ain't your grand daddy's old map!

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  5. Valuable Fish Finding Information
    July 27, 2016

    Top Secrete Fishing Information By The People Who Were Here From Day One!

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  6. Learn From The People Who Know The Lake!
    July 22, 2016

    Mind melt with the best!

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Tournament Grade Mapping

Martin’s Map The Super Map Capture every moment on Lake Fork directly on a fully interactive map, complete with nearly limitless features.

Within |
  • The Spawn.

    Know how the spawn works on Lake Fork for bass.

  • Bait Colors.

    What Colors work best when on Lake Fork.

  • Summer Patterns.

    How to fish the lake in summer.

  • Winter patterns.

    It’s cold but some of the largest fish have been caught on Fork at this time.

  • Hydrilla.

    What can I expect on this lake in the way of grass.

  • Night Fishing.

    Successful night fishing patterns.

  • Tournament Fishing.

    Schedules of major tournaments through the year.

  • Crappie Fishing.

    Hot spots for crappie fishing.

  • Catfish on Fork.

    Big fish that do eat good and how to find them.

Martin's Map the Super Map

Tournament Grade maps for serious anglers.

  • Jimmy Martin
    Creator of Martin's Map

    Cartographer & Hydro-Graphic Surveyor.

  • David Kelly
    Aerial photographer and fishing information expert contributor.

    David was a wealth of information.  Unfortunately he passed away in 2017 but his legendary contribution lives on.

  • I have a copy of your Lake Fork Map. LOVE THAT THING!

    —Chris Pace, Customer

  • Best Fishing Map of Texas!

    —Fort Worth Star

Make sure your fish in the tank is the “big” one!