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Pro Anglers Have Vision

“Who knew back when Lake Fork opened that it would turn out to be the jewel of Texas as far as bass fishing goes and maybe the world.  I’ll tell you who did.  David Kelly did.  He envisioned that very thing even before the lake had officially opened.  And during all the following years that he spent on Lake Fork he absorbed everything about the lake that he could.  Between he and I, we have spent decades studying this lake and I’ve just recently decided to open our records to you with the development of this site.  Every valuable piece of information that David and I have available with regard to this lake will be eventually brought to light here for your viewing.  Here, you will be able to access historic, reliable, patterns that have been determined to exist with regard to this lake’s existing structure and large mouth bass population.  Also here,  you will be shown how to catch these fish.  Within this site lies hundreds of pictures of Lake Fork at various levels of inundation.  Some pictures will show the lake level at 14 feet low, some 28 feet low and others may show the lake entirely dry.  Included with this site is our high quality, extremely detailed and highly popular Martin’s Map of Lake Fork.

I have to say this about David Kelly. He was my close friend and he was a very unique individual. Back when we used to go to the tackle shows, David would show up and people would literally talk to him for hours at our booth about Lake Fork. He was literally a walking encyclopedia for this lake and he left a wealth of historical information for this lake.  This site is all about trying to capture that information that he and other great sources have learned through the years and pass that on to you.  It is several people’s lifetime body of works that we will be showing here.

Maybe you’re catching fish but maybe you’re just not catching the right fish.  I have found that the path to success on any lake requires three things – knowledge, determination, and perseverance.  We can help you with the first one – knowledge.  The other two’s on you.  This site is the culmination of our informational gathering from all those years along the path that David and I followed.  Our release of this knowledge cache is intended to help share that knowledge and direct others with their own determined path of success on Lake Fork.”  Jimmy Martin – creator of Martin’s Map


Your Personal Best Record Bass Awaits You At Lake Fork

“In case you were wondering, this is what cutting edge fishing information looks like.  If you wanted to learn about Lake Fork you’re at the right place.  Martin’s Map – the Super Map – continues to create one more innovative fishing information masterpiece with the introduction of an advanced subscription based series of Lake Fork Unplugged.  We are here to help make your Lake Fork dreams come true.  Let us help expand your abilities on Lake Fork!  This is a continuing effort on our part to provide you with the best information possible on this lake.  With this grand opening we will begin the unveiling of the Martin’s Map “Learn the lake Series”.  The first part of the “Learn The Lake Series” begins along the west Hwy 515 bridge and continues all the way down to the dam along that west bank.  It is here that we start to unravel the arduous trek of explaining this wonderful lake’s vast fishing intricacies in it’s entirety. Each of the series is marked by a blue icon.  It is here that we explain the most significant fishing areas in detail, complete with pictures, what to do, when to do it, GPS coordinates and etc.  To do this properly will take time so if you think you’ve seen it all, well you ain’t seen nothing yet.   We pledge to become the information source for Lake Fork by the use of our innovation, attention to detail, and just down right hard headed perseverance.  We want to be your primary source of information for this lake.”  Jimmy Martin

  • Know your structure. We help you visualize the bottom of Lake Fork.

    We are Lake Fork’s premier on-line learning center. Why do fish relate so much to structure? Why do 40 cows make a bee line for the one single tree in a 50 acre pasture? The answer is because. They do it because all creatures are inclined to do that instictively. All creatures need a place to live, they need a physical place that provides them a comfort zone of safety and they need a sense of peace. Good lake structure provides that for fish. Knowing where that structure is will likely give you a similar sense of “comfort”.

  • Take The Lead - Find Your Lake Fork Fish. Learn from the people who truly know how to catch fish on Lake Fork.

    I overheard someone once say “there are no secrets on Lake Fork”. I’m guessing this is the type of guy that will tell you he takes a two hour nap from one to four. If you take your fishing serious, and you have set yourself some goals that you want to achieve, then my advice to you is don’t close your mind. The first step you should take to achieve those goals is basically to determine your current limitations. The next step you should take once you’ve figured that out is to either eliminate those limitations or limit the size through learning. This is a very diferent kind of learning experience tooled to take direct aim at catching Big Bass at Lake Fork.

  • Fish Smart With Confidence and Optomize Your Time

    For the first time ever Martin’s Map is opening our massive data base of information on Lake Fork directly to you. What does that mean for me, you might ask. Well, it means you could be amongst the small group of people who have access to information that has been locked away in our vaults and minds for literally years. A large amount of this information has never been published and will not be found anywhere else. Those that have access will enjoy the benefits of knowing all.

  • Allow Us to Share Our Years of Knowledge of Lake Fork With You.

    In 1997 we produced the most detailed map of Lake Fork ever made. Later we produced a very popular and innovative CD-Rom entitled “LAKE FORK UNPLUGGED”. It was of the highest quality and it had hundreds of pictures at various stages of innundation. Some pictures were 14′ below pool level all the way to a bone dry lake bed in pictures. It was like we drained the lake. Hence the name “Unplugged”. Innovation and quality has always been the core of our success. Your quality learning experience awaits you on this site. Join us and we will show you how to fish this like no one else can.

    February 26, 2018

    A continuing series that provides you with valuable fishing knowledge that you need to know about each area covered.

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  2. Martin’s Map Parts The Water! Moses Would Love This Map!
    January 12, 2018

    Know the lake like you started fishing Fork on opening day. Martin's map brings back the pictures that tell volumes.

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  3. Lake Fork Unplugged On Steroids!
    January 12, 2018

    What makes the difference between catching a big fish and winning a tournament? Just like real estate...Location, Location, Location!

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  4. High Quality Precise Fishing Maps
    August 1, 2016

    This ain't your grand daddy's old map!

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  5. Valuable Fish Finding Information
    July 27, 2016

    Top Secrete Fishing Information By The People Who Were Here From Day One!

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  6. Learn From The People Who Know The Lake!
    July 22, 2016

    Mind melt with the best!

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Martin's Map the Super Map

Tournament Grade Maps for Serious Anglers

  • Jimmy Martin
    Creator of Martin's Map

    Cartographer & Hydro-Graphic Surveyor.

  • David Kelly
    Aerial photographer and fishing information expert contributor.

    David was a wealth of information.  Unfortunately he passed away in 2017 but his legendary contribution lives on.

  • Hell yeah buddy! This membership is gold. You are an information filled capitalist with a product that makes me feel like Santa's about to come down the chimney! Thanks for the info! Gotta get a 10+ this year.

    —Ten Plus ( member)

  • Hello, my name is Stan Rouse and I just wanted to let you guys know that I think your Lake Fork map is super!! I can't believe how accurate it is. I also wanted to inquire about other maps you make and if there is one of Ray Roberts. Keep up the good work!!!

    —Stan Rouse, Customer

  • Hello Jimmy.....Thanks much for sending a copy of your software The Super Map of Lake Fork. I watched the video yesterday and am eager to open the CD program. The video was great. I have spent some time fishing a couple of the spots that were highlighted and the photos were very interesting. I really didn't realize what the roadbed cuts actually looked like. This system will be great for any angler fishing Fork, from guides to tourists. Great job!

    —Steve (In-Fisherman Magazine)

  • I have a copy of your Lake Fork Map. LOVE THAT THING!

    —Chris Pace, Customer

  • Received it yesterday----what detail!!! Most of the guys I'll be fishing with are huddling in my office every chance they can just to get a look at it. I may have to take it home just to get some work done. Thanks again.

    —Jay Hackathorn

  • I'm so glad that somebody finally has color aerial photos of Texas Lakes. I used to resort to those ugly outdated black and white photos that I had to piece together. I also find it very helpful to plot my GPS points on the photos itself....Thanks for the great work! I have purchased the Ray Roberts (Martin's Map) and I love the details!

    —Maggie Robledo-Woman's Bassmaster Tour-Dallas Bass'n Gals

  • With "Lake Fork Unplugged, "Martin saddled technology and took the fishing map concept to the next plausible level. The CD version of Martin's popular Lake Fork fishing map includes everything the map version offers, plus a great deal more. Martin incorporated aerial photographs of Lake Fork at various stage of rising water...and they add a great deal of interest to a good technical map.

    —Ray Sasser (The Dallas MOrning News June 15, 2000)

  • I purchased the Fork version of your map and was simply amazed at the quality when compared to other maps. This map has it all. I appreciate the effort that has been given to produce such a valuable tool to enable us to fish more productively.

    —Gary Ripkowski, Customer