I have found through the years of beating the brush for answers with regard to these lakes that the best way to find out an answer is to simply to ask for help. Amazing, who would think that it would be so simple. Just ask someone. All those answers that I got through the years require me to do something in return for the generous people who have contributed to these maps through the years. My penance with regard to all that help (too numerous to mention) is to pass that information along to those that need it and want it. So here you are. All you have to do is ask.
This has been a long old road for me that I turned on back around 1983. That is when I began this great adventure. As you might imagine the spark that caused the fire came from a fishing trip. I realized from that trip that getting to be on the water was about as good as it gets in life. I had a background in surveying, engineering and a love of good fishing maps. There were no good ones back then at least not for the ones I wanted to fish around Longview. That is where this morphed into a devotion to improve fishing maps for others. It was never about making money and it’s a good thing it wasn’t. It took me four years to make the first Lake fork Map and I did something to it every day of those four years. It took another year and a half to produce the CD-ROM version of it. Obviously it wasn’t the money because I continued to work for various companies through the years and also had several other businesses as well during that time. However Lake Fork never left my mind. What better way than to honor those that helped better our information of this great lake than to show others in some awesome fashion. So, the plan is to show it all. I will leave nothing out. Ask and it is yours.