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Martin’s Map became a map business in 1983. It started out with ink and mylar. Since then it has evolved into a digital marvel that now will enable anglers to experience Lake Fork like we all did back in the 1980’s. This is cutting edge information my friend.

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Here is where the tradecraft of guiding Lake Fork is revealed

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Our Team

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  • Jimmy Martin
    Creator of Martin's Map

    Cartographer & Hydro-Graphic Surveyor.

  • David Kelly
    Aerial photographer and fishing information expert contributor.

    David was a wealth of information.  Unfortunately he passed away in 2017 but his legendary contribution lives on.

  • “I purchased the Fork version of your map and was simply amazed at the quality when compared to other maps. This map has it all. I appreciate the effort that has been given to produce such a valuable tool to enable us to fish more productively!”

    —Gary Ripkowski, Customer

  • Hello, my name is Stan Rouse and I just wanted to let you guys know that I think your Lake Fork maps is super!!! I can't believe how accurate it is. i also wanted to inquire about other maps you make and if there is one for Ray Roberts. Keep up the good work!!!

    —Stan Rouse, Customer


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