Martin’s Map of Lake Fork is a map like no other! 

FYI…the paper map alone took four years to make. The CD-Rom version took a year and a half.  The book took another year to make.  No other map company goes to this length in order to provide information at this level.  We spent hours on the lake, hours talking to guides, hours shooting GPS coordinates on structure on the lake and actually preformed hydro-graphic soundings on the lake in some places.  In some places we shot GPS on trees at one pool level, waited on the water to drop and shot trees again at the lower level.  You will notice in some places that the tress are different colors.  Trees at one level are one color and trees at the other level are another.  It’s just one way of providing additional information for anglers.  Some contours of Lake Fork were incorrect on USGS maps.  In those places we came in and did soundings and actually changes some contour lines as a result.

One Picture Can Tell a Thousand Words

If that’s the case there are millions of words contained within.  We include hundreds of pictures at various stages of inundation.  Some may be 12 feet low, some may be 40′ low and other areas are shown bone dry.  What does that tell you, you might ask?  It can tell you everything about where those fish are likely to be holding patterns.