Lake Fork Unplugged is just that.  This site shows the lake without the water!  This particular shot is located at the West 515 bridge and shows the lake at 12 feet below pool level.  Now some people look at a picture like this and often miss the valuable information that is staring back at them. I myself could take this picture and write a rather long story about exactly how the fish would relate to the items shown in it. You have several roads, a bridge, a garden spot, & side roads that come off the main road to the left that indicate to me where the fish in that area would more than likely will be. I can also see that the bridge road has been cut out in order to allow boat traffic to pass through at this stage of inundation. I can see the location of the main creek channel by the way trees follow it’s outline. I can also tell there is probably an increase in elevation by the color change differences. So if I’m trying to find fish in this area this is is a valuable source of information. A great picture if not perfect for narrowing down the location of the best fish in this area of the lake. Now if you were to compare a story that I were to write for this picture to a story that I did about this same area with all the water in it I’m sure you would be happy with the first and sad about the last. The second one would be less informational and more about how pretty the area looked. What I’m trying to say is sometimes people disregard the value of these pictures because they really have not been trained to recognize the fish holding areas by looking at a photo. Basically…A picture like this is a valuable tool which enables the angler to know much, much more, about where fish are likely to hold to structure.  And within this site there are literally hundreds of pictures that will enable you (if you know what to look for)to figure out where the fish are likely to be waiting for you! Also I have plans to help everyone on the site know what to look for. That being said I hope that you will join and let us help further your knowledge of this great lake, Lake Fork.