Some of you may remember the CD version of our map of Lake Fork that was published in the year 2000. It was called “Lake Fork Unplugged” and it first hit the scene at Bass Pro Shops. It was full of pictures of the lake at various stages of inundation and came with beautiful precise maps of the lake topography. Back then there was only so much information and pictures you could include on a CD-ROM. Fitting all the files that we had on a CD-ROM required us to eventually pick and choose what few pictures we could physically fit on it. We just didn’t have the room to include more. With the advancement of technology it seems that we will be able to provide you with a greater amount of information than you’ve ever had available for Lake Fork. If you really and truly want to learn this lake then joining this subscription based site is definitely the step in the right direction for you. We are opening the site with as much information as we can have available at this time. There is so much information to include on this site that we will regularly provide updates throughout the year in order to get you a look at everything we have. Fishing season is upon us and people need to review whatever we have available now. So if you join the site and get to thinking you have seen it all…..well you haven’t. There may even be a few things shown in the future that only a very small amount of people knew about this lake. At any rate we hope to help you totally learn the lake.