Video Episodes in the Year 2020


Martin’s Map presents a video of angler Bob Roberts, with the Lake Fork Bass Anglers Club. It is an educational video focusing on learning techniques that Bob uses to overcome actual lake conditions during the tournament. In episode2020_1 – Bob Roberts talks about prefishing Lake Fork 1/9/2020.

episode2020_2 Bob Roberts fishes LFA tournament on Lake Fork 1/16/20. Bob goes over the results from last week and looks ahead at this week’s tournament on Lake Fork. Also included is a telephone interview with professional Lake Fork fishing guide on a trip he made Saturday night where he spent most his time running the dip net for a friend of his on the west side of Lake Fork. Some great fish were caught that evening. Pictures included.

episode2020_3 Bob Roberts fishes LFABC Tournament 1/22/20. Bob goes over the results or should I say the lake of results from last week and looks ahead at this week’s tournament on Lake Fork.

episode2020 4 Bob Roberts fishes Lake Fork Angler’s Bass Club 1/30/2020.

episode2020_5 Bob Roberts fishes Lake Fork Angler’s Bass Club 2/6/2020.

episode2020 6 Bob Roberts fishes the LFABC LFA tournament on Lake Fork 2/13/20. Also included in this episode is an interview with Hobie tournament angler Christa Hibbs. Christa is a tournament angler from Fort Smith Arkansas and is fishing the Hobie tournament on Lake Fork next week. Christa, along with many others will be launching their kayaks for a chance to win prizes in this great tournament put on by Hobie.

episode2020 7 Bob Roberts fishes the LFABC LFA tournament on Lake Fork 2/13/20. Bob talks about the water temperature and the fact that the lake is getting water runoff and discharge at the spillway. One angler catches a bass weighing 10.54 lbs during the tournament but was only 22 inches long.

episode2020 8 Bob Roberts fishes LFA branch of the LFAB Club tournaments 2/27/20.

episode2020 9 Bob Roberts fishes “hard core” leg of LFABC tournament on Lake Fork 3/5/20.

episode2020 10 Bob Roberts fishes the LFAB Club at Lake Fork 3/19/20. Also an update and telephone interview with Christa Hibbs. Christa fished the Bass Nation Kayak tournament on Fork last Saturday and went home in the money.

episode2020 11 Bob Roberts fishes the Covid Tournament LFABC 5/21/20. Lake Fork Anglers Bass Club makes an effort to re-start the fishing season with these Covid Tournaments meant to hopefully ease their club anglers back into full tournament throttle somewhere in the near future.

episode2020 12 Bob Roberts fishes Covid Tournament at Lake Fork 5/28/20. Bob Catches a 9.59 pound bass on Lake Fork along with several others fish and wins the LFAB Club tournament. Bob says he’s been in a slump for a while and at the end of the show we ask the “magic” ball if he has pulled his self out of it with this win. It gives us the answer after the camera was turned off.

episode2020 13 Bob Roberts fishes the last Covid Tournament 6/4/20.

Bob Roberts fishes LFAB Club tournaments 6/18/2020. Bob gets ready for Thursday’s tournament and we talk about his pre-fishing for last weeks tournament and discuss the results and what changes he made as a result of the pre-fishing.

Bob talks about this coming week and last week’s tournament on Fork and the results of it. We also discuss plans to do some underwater videoing of some suspected shell beds at Lake Fork on Wednesday of this week.

episode2020 17 Bob Roberts fishes LFAB Club “Hardcore” tournament 7/2/20. Bob pulls out a big win last week and this week he fishes the west 1/3 of the lake during this tournament. Bob discusses last week’s win and indicates what made the win possible.

episode2020 17 -L1 – Underwater footage of Little Caney Creek 6/23/2020. This is some underwater video footage of the bottom of Lake Fork located in the Little Caney Creek area. There are 6 different spots that were observed.

episode2020 18 Bob Roberts Fishes the LFAB Club tournament of “Hardcore” on Lake Fork 7/2/20. Bob talks about pre-fishing Fork last week for that Thursday’s tournament and then talks about this week’s fishing strategy with Jimmy Martin.

episode2020 19 Bob Roberts fishes the LFAB Club tournament on Lake Fork 7/9/20. Bob wins first place and talks about prefishing for next week’s tournaments.

episode2020 21 Bob Roberts fishes Lake Fork Angler’s Bass Tournament 8/20/20. We cover last weeks results for LFA and this week’s “Hard Core” Tournament. After some time off Bob and I are back filming.

episode2020 22 – Bob Roberts fishes LFA tournament with Lake Fork Angler’s Bass Club 8/27/20. Bob talks about last week’s tournament results as well and tells us what they were biting on.

episode2020 23 Bob fishes “Hard Core” leg of the Lake Fork Angler’s Bass Club 9/3/20. Last week’s tournament was canceled because of the twin hurricanes that blew through. Bob talks about pre-fishing last week and plans to pre-fish this week.

episode2020 24 Bob Roberts fishes Hard Core and Big Splash 9/17/20 on Lake Fork. Bob talks about current lake conditions and new construction on Lake Fork.

episode2020 25 Bob Roberts fishes the Sealy Tournament on Lake Fork and LFABC 9/17/2020.

episode2020 26 Bob Roberts fishes LFABass Club tournament 10/1/2020.

episode2020 27 Bob Roberts fishes LFAB Club Lake Fork 10/8/2020 and Jake Wilson Memorial Open.

episode2020 28 Bob Roberts fishes Hard Core LFAB Club Tournament 10/15/20 and discusses last week’s LFA tournament results. Bob talks about the tournaments left in the year and discusses his pending update of his web site

episode2020 29 Bob Roberts fishes LFAB Club tournament and talks about fishing the Bass Champs Berkley Tournament 10/22/20. Bob runs into lower unit problems but wins the LFAB Club tournament.

episode2020 31 Bob Roberts wins the LFAB Club tournament on Fork 11/5/20. Bob discusses lake conditions this week and baits that worked this week. He also discusses the next tournament “Hard Core” Championship on Thursday with the Lake Fork Angler’s Bass Club. Bob also talks about Lake Lidia when it turned over during a night fish.

episode2020 32 Bob Roberts fishes LFABC tournament on Lake Fork-Our special guests are Christa and Caroline Hibbs during the Hobie Kayak Tournament earlier this year. Christa and Caroline show how their kayaks are equipped for the tournament. This is the last filming this year and we will be back the first week in January.

Informational Videos – by Others

Disclaimer: These are for information and they may contain opinions not shared by all. If you’re trying to figure something out about how to use your GPS/depth finder unit they do seem to be helpful, and that’s why they’re included here. You could find these on You-tube on your own however sometimes they’re a little hard to find. Sometimes I need a refresher course on using my GPS unit and it’s just handy to have them here. If you know of any other really good, quality ones please feel free to send me a link and I’ll include it here.

Bass Tournament Finder
This is a very helpful site if you want to search for tournaments throughout the continental United States. You basically go to the site, select the region that you are interested in. The tournaments are separated by month and day. It’s very helpful and cuts out a lot of the guesswork about what tournaments are out there.

Hummingbird Helix 5 Setup

Lake Fork Fishing – In Depth Sonar Setup Tips – Narrated By Billy Lawson and Mike McFarland Using a Lowrance HDS12 GPS/Depthfinder. Published on Dec 13, 2017

Lake Fork Bass Fishing – Down Scan Sonar Setting Tips – Narrated by Billy Lawson and Mike McFarland Using a Lowrance HDS12 GPS/Depthfinder. Published on Dec 26, 2017

Lowrance Products – DIFFERENCES BETWEEN TRANSDUCERS: LSS2, TOTALSCAN, HDI, 83/200, 3D. Narrated by Justin Russel with Russel Marine.

A good, short video example of “stumpin” (flippin stumps)