Hot Spot Key Locations Historically for December


This has links to articles within by months.  This tool is put here for you to have the historical data for each fishing hole at your finger tips.  It is a research tool that you can use to help decide where you want to fish each month.

The pictures shown to the right allow you to easily zoom into the location with out leaving the page.  When you make your location pick just click the link and it will take you to the article for that location.


The progression of the information is in this order:

Chapter 1 – The East 1/3

Chapter 2 – The Middle 1/3

Chapter 3 – The West 1/3



General Area – East 1/3


Chapter 1 - East 1/3

Chapter 2 - Middle 1/3

Big Caney South Near Dam

Location #8 – Crappie
Location #9
Location #10 – Crappie
Location #12
Location #13 – Crappie

Electric Ladyland

Location #4
Location #5
Location #6

Chapter 3 - West 1/3